The Salton Sea Saw is curated by a small group of professionals interested in the Salton Sea and its primary source of water, the Colorado River.

Over the past several years the Salton Sea has been treated like the proverbial “red-headed step child” of Western Water. It took Imperial County and the Imperial Irrigation District to spend significant resources to get the State of California to hold up its end of the bargain to restore and mitigate the lake, which has become an environmental and public health disaster in the making.

We are committed to giving the Salton Sea voice locally, regionally, at the state and at the federal levels. The Salton Sea has made some progress in the past five years, thanks in part to some of the elected officials that represent it in Sacramento and Washington.

The editors are political junkies, policy wonks, lawyers, former elected officials, communications pros, engineers and overall do-gooders. We believe in the dignity of California’s largest lake, but more so in the dignity of the people that live in the Coachella and Imperial Valleys.

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The Editors